About Me

Here’s My Story


HI, I’M KIMBERLY! Im a functional nutrition and Metabolism coach

Certified with FNMS and Precision Nutrition. I’m a mom and the founder/owner of the Metabolism Makeover Program. Now known as “The Menopause Makeover”

For the past 4 years, I have specialized in helping women reset, balance, and boost their metabolism (aka hormones) so they can finally end their unhealthy relationships with food, dieting, and body image.

My story? I have 9 children…all girls. I’ve only given birth to our 27-year-old, as all the rest of them (27-years down to age 6) are all adopted through the foster care system. I share that so you can see how crazy busy I’ve been most of my life and stressed!

After being in education for years, when child #4 came, I knew it was in my best interest to be a stay-at-home mom. My health quickly went downhill and found out that I had celiacs disease. No wonder I was so sick! I began yo-yo dieting for years and years. I had a very unhealthy view of my body and had fallen into the comparison trap. As I grew older, health problems arrived, and I had to have a hysterectomy at the young age of 39. That’s when my world really turned upside down. My hormones were so out of whack. I had no idea, and my doctor was no help to me at all. I was put on the “estrogen patch” and sent on my way. A couple of years later I was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I finally hired a nutrition coach, and that’s when the real magic began. It can be scary investing in yourself. She did help me make some huge shifts in my nutrition, but unfortunately, I still stayed on the diet path for a couple more years. I finally decided to invest in an education and ended up at precision Nutrition where my heart was lit on fire. I just couldn’t get enough information. I took more online courses with NASM, Girls gone strong, and this last year received my functional nutrition certification with FNMS.
My client focus has shifted to women going through midlife. Primarily perimenopause and menopause. Why? Because I know how you feel. I was confused for years. The information that’s out there is NOT helpful. Just leaves you in more confusion and feeling even worse about yourself. Menopause Makeover was born with a plan that leaves diet culture OUT of the conversation! Are you ready to join me?


Weight Loss

“I Promise, This Is Easier Than You Think”


Lifestyle Management

“Think Of This As An Investment In Your Future Health & Happiness”



“We Aren’t Born Believing That We Need To Count Calories”

My Tipping Point

Just Like You, I’ve Had To Overcome My Struggles

For most of my childhood, I felt sick and underweight. I was gluten intolerant and had no idea.   It was only when I was officially diagnosed (shortly after giving birth 25-years ago) that I began to gain normal weight.  Turns out all those gluten-free things are not that great for you?! I honestly had no idea about nutrition or what I was doing.  I serial dieted for the next 15-years – gaining and losing weight over and over again.  I joined Weight Watchers, and lost a few pounds; I also started working out and lost a few more, but then gained it all back because I hadn’t truly learned anything! It wasn’t until five years ago when I began to have hormonal issues, and I ended up with endometriosis and a severely damaged metabolism, that I understood how bad things had become!

I had a hysterectomy and was at an all-time low in my life. I felt severely depressed, my anxiety was off the charts, and my energy was so low. I knew something had to change. A friend told me about a coach who taught on hormonal balancing – and that just opened me up to the world of nutrition, and sent me on a personal quest to know more. I started taking online classes with Precision Nutrition and then ended up at the National Academy of Sports and Nutrition.

I went on a mission to figure out how to balance my hormones. What I found was that, as women, our hormones affect way more than we even realize. They affect our gut health, our energy levels, our fat loss, our appetite and so much more.

I figured out how to reset and boost my metabolism and lost 35 lbs!

Now I’m Here To Help YOU!

Today I’m a certified Nutrition & Weight-Loss Coach. Things have also changed for my whole family, as my kids have adopted a new way of eating as well! We do plenty of walking as a family, and we are also teaching them to cook from a young age. My anxiety and depression are 99% GONE! (now and then it rears its head), and my energy is up. I’m not relying on sugar and coffee all day to keep me going… need I say more?

My Approach

My method is simple and easy to translate into your everyday life. With this comes more energy, improved moods, fewer cravings, weight- loss, and more.  Most importantly, it brings a strong sense of confidence, strength, and empowerment. Let’s Work Together!

My Mission...

I’m on a mission to help busy moms and women to burn fat, break free from the vicious cycle we call “dieting,” and regain self-confidence – not through counting calories or macros – but by transforming their metabolism!

You can also become a success story! We will work together on balancing your hormones first, so you can burn fat and achieve weight-loss!