The Metabolism Makeover Program

Here’s Your roadmap to making peace with food in midlife:

  • In-depth analysis of your current eating habits, movement, behavioral patterns and relationship with food over a 7-day period

  • 12 weeks of nutrition support—high touch reinforcement along every step of the journey to reclaim back your health and body in midlife.

  • Understanding why you are stuck in the diet cycle.

  • Learn how to change your beliefs and build new habits.

  • Learn how to work with your body in midlife, and menopause instead of against it
  • Resources and recipes to inspire you and even give your metabolism a boost.

  • Weekly educational lessons on menopause, sex hormones, hair loss, and the nutrients and superfoods your body is craving during this time.
  • Hormone testing if needed.

Are you ready to age with grace and not let these hormones play with your body? Get your hands on the exact process I’ve used to help hundreds of women break free from dieting and find the confidence they’ve been looking for in midlife.

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